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"We can't effectively use technology to our strategic advantage"

Bridging the gap between business and technology is trying; different languages and different perspectives. IT guys grow up as engineers, and oftentimes don’t know how to think about emerging technology in terms of the business – much less from a strategic lens. Understanding the business, its marketplace, where the strategic and differentiation opportunities lie, and the real truths about today’s technology is an important endeavor for all organizations.

Proactively thinking through where the business value resides – and thinking through where various technologies should be applied, and the corresponding business value is the foundation for constructing an effective IT Strategy. We work this in a joint business / IT team atmosphere – and build the right organization energy behind the plans so that the plan is executed.

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"Apex" is a well known term used in many forms of racing. The apex is that one point in a turn which, when taken correctly, is the optimal and swiftest path. Just like a race car approaching the toughest turns, our organization helps companies set up for proper navigation of a turn, hit the apex and strongly accelerate from there. The “3” refers to the three founding Partners, who have worked together for several years.

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