Cost Optimization
"We need to be more lean, be quicker on our feet, and drive out unnecessary cost"

Anyone can take costs out of an organization – the key is how to eliminate costs and yield a company that operates better; smoother, less hierarchical, and more action-oriented with focused accountabilities. Companies struggle with making this happen – primarily because it’s tough to really see what is truly going on in the depths of the organization. We work with our clients to tell the honest story – and determine the best courses of action, obviously keeping our eyes on the impact on key company performance metrics such as service levels and cycle times.

Apex3 knows how to find cost reduction opportunities and make the changes needed to achieve savings. Using proven strategies Apex 3 can apply its knowledge to develop and execute plans that effectively reduce or eliminate costs. By using our experience in all business functions Apex3 analyzes cost structures and helps determine where unnecessary money is being spent. Once those areas are identified we work to form a team to execute a plan utilizing internal business knowledge. Armed with experience and skill, this team will drive savings straight to the bottom line.

One of the strongest challenges in this area is to ensure that the savings stays; putting in place proven techniques to enforce savings are hit, with no "end arounds" is an important aspect of this.

Cost Optimization
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"Apex" is a well known term used in many forms of racing. The apex is that one point in a turn which, when taken correctly, is the optimal and swiftest path. Just like a race car approaching the toughest turns, our organization helps companies set up for proper navigation of a turn, hit the apex and strongly accelerate from there. The “3” refers to the three founding Partners, who have worked together for several years.

Our Story
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