We Solve Problems
We Solve Problems

Anyone can take costs out of an organization – the key is how to eliminate costs and yield a company that operates better; smoother, less hierarchical, and more action-oriented with focused accountabilities. Companies struggle with making this happen – primarily because it’s tough to really see what is really going on in the depths of the organization.

ICD-10 Compliance Services
ICD-10 Compliance Services

Beginning on January 1, 2012, a federal mandate will require health care providers, health plans and clearinghouses to use new standards in electronically processing electronic transactions claims, remittances, eligibility, and claims status requests/responses. Impacted organizations will need to upgrade processes and systems from current HIPAA 4010A1 transaction standards to the new 5010 standards, and complete internal and external testing, verification and validation to assure readiness and prevent disruption.

Cost Optimizations
Key business operation performance metricas are declining and i don't know why

It is difficult to get a grasp on root causes for declining operational performance – such as decreasing customer service, lower fill rates, and not meeting commitments to customers. Root causes, of course, lie in a myriad of areas – poor business processes, inadequate measurement, misaligned incentives, and poor information technology are key ones.

We just can't seem to get this critical system delivered. or get the value out of it that was promised

Technology-based projects are complex. Creating the right team environment, putting in place the correct accountabilities, and managing all of the components together requires real-world experience from the ground up.

We can't effectively use technology to our advantage

Bridging the gap between business and technology is trying; different languages and different perspectives. IT guys grow up as engineers, and oftentimes don’t know how to think about emerging technology in terms of the business – much less from a strategic lens. Understanding the business, its marketplace, where the strategic and differentiation opportunities lie, and the real truths about today’s technology is an important endeavor for all organizations.

Our business requires a higher-performing IT environment and organization.

Building a top-notch ongoing IT environment and accompanying IT organization is oftentimes tough for businesses; but creating ongoing capabilities is critical for many industries and organization.

We need to drive through our own politics and determine the right sourcing stragegy for the company

Determining the best sourcing direction across key business areas is not particularly difficult of a thought process – but internal politics and the workings of an organization most often prevent getting to the right answers. Again, there is an "art" to making this part happen – which is where these things most often fall short.

We need to drive through our own politics and determine the right sourcing stragegy for the company

Acquisition opportunities are fast-moving, and require the right hands-on experience for quickly identifying improvement opportunities and risk areas for potential mergers and acquisitions; our technique focuses on identifying the "gotchas" and risk mitigation surrounding these.

We need a high performing interim CXO that can address tough issues and smoothly transition to a full-time executive

Being a superb interim CXO requires two major elements: 1) Having been placed in a wide variety of tough situations and thriving in these situations, and 2) Being able to adapt to the leadership style and role that is required for the situation at hand.

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More About Our Clients

Apex3 is a results-oriented and highly flexible management consulting firm servicing small- and medium-sized businesses within a wide array of industries. Over recent years, we have worked heavily with prominent Private Equity firms to handle some of their most challenging and critical portfolio company challenges. Our business is built upon successful relationships and delivering on our commitments.

We have extensive line operating experience, and have sat behind the same line operating desk – we’re not a band of "consultants"
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"Apex" is a well known term used in many forms of racing. The apex is that one point in a turn which, when taken correctly, is the optimal and swiftest path. Just like a race car approaching the toughest turns, our organization helps companies set up for proper navigation of a turn, hit the apex and strongly accelerate from there. The “3” refers to the three founding Partners, who have worked together for several years.

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