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"Key business operation performance metrics are declining, and I don't know why"

It is oftentimes difficult to get a grasp on root causes for declining operational performance – such as declining customer service, lower fill rates, and not meeting commitments to customers. Root causes, of course, lie in a myriad of areas – poor business processes, inadequate measurement, misaligned incentives, and poor information technology are key ones. Companies tend to have a difficult time weeding through the myths and cultural walls to identify the true root causes – much less put the right action plan together. Together, we discover the real story – and create and work an actionable roadmap to migrate to an improved world, balancing all of the change components – rather than the big, ubiquitous systems project, a massive business process redesign, or programs of similar and isolated nature.

You’ve identified that a change needs to be made, but determining what exactly to change – and the root causes of inefficiency - can require a lot of time and money if you’re not familiar with the best practices in business or IT. With careers steeped in business analysis and change management Apex3 takes on that responsibility for you to determine what processes and procedures can be updated, implemented, or removed to make your business race ahead of the pack. From the creation of an improvement plan to the execution and measurement of results, Apex3 will give you quantifiable business improvements.

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"Apex" is a well known term used in many forms of racing. The apex is that one point in a turn which, when taken correctly, is the optimal and swiftest path. Just like a race car approaching the toughest turns, our organization helps companies set up for proper navigation of a turn, hit the apex and strongly accelerate from there. The “3” refers to the three founding Partners, who have worked together for several years.

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