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Key Things Healthcare Organizations Should Do Now to Prepare for ICD-10

by Mark Davison January 20. 2012 15:06

This short list might be helpful to our clients and others who are thinking it’s time to start planning for the ICD-10 implementation:

  • Get HIPAA 5010 in place
  • Align with EHR
  • Conduct a risk assessment
  • Provide awareness and foundational education
  • Gather an inventory of all contracts and systems
  • Find a competent third party to help guide you through the process
  • Get a computer-based tool to track the remediation and training process
  • Plan how to report and track progress toward compliance
  • Start contingency planning to avoid significant impact on your bottom line
  • Use best practices for testing, training and change management.
Call us for more information and how we can help.  Thanks!


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