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Project Lessons Learned – Part 4 Overall Indicators

by Mark Davison January 16. 2012 17:33

These points build on previous blogs about the benefits of looking back over completed projects to see what we can learn. In this post I share some questions that one might pose about some of the “overall” indicators about how a project was planned and executed.  

  • How accurate were the initial cost estimates and schedule?
  • What was needed in budget and resources, above the original estimates, to complete the project successfully?
  • How effective was the change control process?
  • How effective was the issues management process?
  • How effective was the project governance?
  • How well were external dependencies understood at the outset of the project?
  • Was the project a success?  Why or why not?
  • Were the needs and expectations of the customer(s) met?
  • How satisfied was the customer?
  • Were the project objectives met?
  • Were the business objectives met?



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