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Thoughts on the Eve of 2012 ...

by Mark Davison December 30. 2011 15:22

Personal Note From Mark Davison As We Enter 2012

I want to wish all readers of my blog a happy and healthy new year.  Looking back on 2011, I was thinking about the year just past, and how it was.  Many thoughts run through my mind - challenges and opportunities, accomplishments and achievements, but also disappointments and sadness – a reminder that this year like all others was filled with moments to celebrate and others that will be remembered with some pain.  Hopefully my writings here in the blog have been helpful to many of you who are seeking to find interesting reading, tips, suggestions and ideas on consulting, project management, working with people, and achieving successful outcomes.  

Whether your year has been a good one or not, in 2012 I encourage you to try to build on your successes, using them as a foundation to be even more successful and to do more good in the coming year.  Similarly, take some time to think about and learn from your disappointments and mistakes, and try to do things differently next year so you can get different results.  Finally, keep learning and pushing yourself to higher levels of accomplishment, and remember the following 5 “short lessons of interaction”  when dealing with others … to be flexible, tolerant, patient, understanding and nice - as you enter 2012.  Inspire others to do the same!  

Happy New Year!


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