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Project Manager Suggestions For Reducing Resistance and Concerns

by Mark Davison October 19. 2011 10:37
  • Probe for objections – ask for concerns and what might be in the way of getting to the next step (i.e., action, decision, recommendation, approval, etc.)
  • Listen carefully – as others express their concerns, make notes, wait to respond until others have finished talking
  • Avoid arguments – remain level headed and reasonable at all times
  • Let other know you understand – when others express their concerns, make statements like “I understand” or “I appreciate” to convey your comprehension and empathy
  • Use I statements to respond – start with “I understand” to demonstrate you understand how others feel about the concerns
  • Share the other experiences – share how others feel about similar concerns, and other experiences you’ve had
  • Seek clarification – if others make general statements, ask for examples to more clearly understand the issue
  • Understand the facts – introduce facts to clarify where opinions and feelings may have created inaccuracies in perceptions
  • Don’t leave anything unaddressed – don’t let any concerns or objections linger – when it appears that all concerns have been expressed ask for “anything else” to be sure nothing is left unsaid
  • It’s not personal – differences of opinion offer opportunities to work on solutions; “no” rather than “yes” may indicate the lack of sufficient information to make a decision rather than a personal rejection, figure out the right path forward


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