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How To Use "Tact" to Obtain Your Objectives

by Mark Davison February 23. 2011 08:59

Being tactful when dealing with others can help a PM get what he/she needs and wants.  Here are some suggestions on being “tactful”:

  • Focus on the positive by communicating a positive thought as you start the dialogue
  • Take responsibility for your statements and feelings by using “I” statements rather than "You" statements
  • Stick to the facts, separating out opinions and assumptions
  • Be empathetic by acknowledging others’ viewpoints and feelings, recognizing their importance
  • Remain level headed and don’t overreact if the dialogue moves into problems, frustrations or disappointments
  • Be specific when you express your needs and expectations, don’t use generalizations
  • Be clear on what you may need or want so others are not confused by your “ask”


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