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A Checklist for the Manager Who Fixes Troubled Projects

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 11:56
1.  Identify the "fix it" target(s) - those areas or activities that need to be changed
2.  Define the scope, nature and complexity of the desired changes, and the intended outcome(s)
3.  Engage those who can influence the change, and those who will be impacted - ask for their input and obtain their support, and identify likely sources of resistance
4.  Create the plan to achieve the desired changes - tasks, timing, milestones, deliverables, participants, roles/responsibilities, measurement points, etc. - collaborate with the participants and sponsors to finalize the plan
5.  Give it the "reasonable test" - is the plan realistic?  Can it be achieved?
6.  Create the change management plan - to address the areas of resistance
7.  Implement the plan - coordinate the tasks, monitor progress, take corrective actions as needed - be a leader in your role as the project manager for fixing the problem(s) - remember you are a catalyst for making the plan happen and achieving the results


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