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Productive Meetings Tips

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 14:41
1.  Define an agenda
2.  Include times to discuss each item
3.  Circulate the agenda in advance
4.  Start the meeting on time
5.  Don't let the agenda get sidetracked, and take problems off line to handle later in small groups or one-on-one
6.  Avoid criticizing others in the meeting
7.  Call out follow actions and document them
8.  Distributed minutes with 24 hours


Do We Need A Meeting?

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 14:39
Don't waste our time in endless meetings - save your project team and their lamenting about it.  In a turnaround situation here's why you should have meetings:
- Communication - to share a message, one or two way
- Status - communicate current status, issues, next steps
- Problem solving - need groupthink to find a solution to a problem
- Crisis management - address critical situations, issues or conflicts
- Emotional - recognize or support others


Are You a High Performer?

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 14:13
Do you set specific challenging, yet achievable, goals for yourself?
Do you evaluate your performance and behavior with these goals in mind?
Do you make changes in your behavior to reach your goals?
Do you aggressively and regularly work on improving and upgrading your knowledge and skills?
Do you identify others as high achieving role models from whom you can learn?
Are you prepared to make sacrifices to achieve your goals?
Do you seek feedback on how to improve your performance and advance?
Do you act ethically and treat others fairly?


List of Typical Project Problems

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 14:08


Kxy to Txamwork

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 13:07


The Most Important Words for Teamwork

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 13:03
The 6 most important words:  I admit that I was wrong
The 5 most important words:  You did a great job
The 4 most important words:  What do you think?
The 3 most important words:  Could you please...
The 2 most important words:  Thank you
The most important word:  We
The least important word:  I


50 Excuses for a Closed Mind

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 13:02


Don't Let This Happen To Your Project

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 13:01


Why People Miss Deadlines - Graphic

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 13:00


Counseling Project Team Members During a Turnaround

by Mark Davison February 1. 2011 12:42
The Situation:  it's a stressed project, with time and budget pressure.  Team members are working hard, but exhibiting behaviors that are less than optimal.  They are good, qualified professionals, and need counseling to get back on track.

- Put the team member at ease
- State the purpose of the discussion (i.e., discuss how things have been going)
Request the team member's point of view
- Ask how he/she sees the job and working conditions, and how it's going
- Ask for problems that need to be discussed
Present your view of the issues and team member's performance
- Begin with a summary of the issues, recognizing successes and accomplishments
- Follow with the specific improvement opportunities - stick to the facts, not opinions
- Be firm, remembering this part of the discussion is essential to building the foundation for future improvements
- Stay on topic and don't get distracted onto unrelated topics or by making comparisons to other team members
Specify improvements needed and options
- Summarize where improvements are needed and why
- Offer future work or advancement opportunities should the improvements be implemented and sustained
- Discuss consequences of not implementing the improvements and changing behavior
- Obtain agreement from the team member, so the team member takes ownership
- Agree to a plan of improvements, dates and outcomes
- Ask for questions specific to the discussion or of general concern
- End the discussion with a "thank you" and encouragement to move forward


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