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Tips For Upgrading Applications Software

by Mark Davison April 2. 2011 17:16

  • Be sure you know exactly what is changing, and why.
  • Understand how the application to be upgraded is used to support the business
  • Understand the application’s functions, features, data, reports, interfaces, etc. – how it works!
  • Understand the application’s problems and open issues
  • Spend time with the uses to understand exactly how they use the application
  • Read and clearly understand the release notes and/or other documentation for the upgrade
  • Figure out how the upgrade with impact how the application supports the business, the users, open problems/issues etc.
  • Plan the upgrade process
  • Meet with the users and other stakeholders to explain what you’ve learned and to review the plan
  • Establish excellent communications with all parties and stakeholders
  • Insist on the right resources available at the right time and in the right place to successfully execute the upgrade plan


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